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Product Description:

Take a walk on the dark side with Mr. Punch and enter a previously unknown entity Delicacy affectionately and daringly referred to as Diablo. The Punch Diablo Cigar series is their darkest smoke to date; rumor has it that a team of shamans collaborated with master blenders and rollers to create a smoke so tantalizingly dark, spicy, and full of flavor that those who know the formula that went into the creation of this stick went insane, claiming to see demons and monsters everywhere they looked. 

Much of that may be speculative and creative writing, but one thing is certain: the Punch Diablo is a delectable cigar that will keep you in blissful spicy smoky flavors for the duration of your delectable cigar experience.

 The Diablo features a blend of tobaccos aged 4-6 years, wringing together a flavorful Honduran Habano tobacco with a sinfully spicy Nicaraguan Ligero long filler, for a smoke that is so wonderfully bold and deep, you will swear only a devious creature like Diablo, the devil, could have been behind this medium-full bodied cigar.

The "devil" behind this enchanting stick is none other than AJ Fernandez himself, secured with a creamy Connecticut binder and wrapped in a magically fermented Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro wrapper. With a steady stream of award-winning releases, many believe AJ must have struck a deal with El Diablo himself!

The rich flavors of ripe black cherries, chocolate, and toasted marshmallows are combined with the edgy flavors of espresso coffee and chilli pepper in Punch Diablo by AJ. Only master blender and industry favorite AJ Fernandez could have imagined and realized this combination.

Diablo is not only the boldest Punch cigar ever made, but it is also one of the most expertly crafted cigars AJ has ever released. After all, when it comes to pursuing perfection, the Devil is truly in the details.


Shape: Toro
Length: 6 1/8
Ring Size: 50
Binder: Connecticut
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua
Strength: Medium To Full
Color: Oscuro
Country: Nicaragua
Box of 25

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