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Nicarao Indians produced completely organic tobacco 500 years ago. Until now, no cigar maker in modern times has come close to matching that feat. Plasencia has created the first cigar ever made from completely organic tobacco, as certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Organization, taking a page from the Nicarao. This organic tobacco was grown in Nicaragua's Esteli and Jalapa regions and was cured, fermented, and aged for five years before being blended. As a result, when smoked at a normal pace, this medium-strength cigar lasts for an hour and a half.

What you get in that hour and a half is a flavor combination that will tickle your taste buds. It begins with a strong mandarin flavor combined with the aroma of freshly baked bread. Shortly after, the cigar becomes more complex, with the introduction of a light creaminess and a sharp pepper flavor at nearly the same point in the cigar. The pepper lingers briefly before giving way to an unexpected treat of almond milk. Then a flood of flavors descended, including a variety of spices, cheese bread, dried mango, and more. The dried mango and a hint of pepper are still present at the end of the stick. This cigar's fruit and creaminess really stand out.


Shape: Robusto
Size: 4.75×52
Quantity: Single, Box
Wrapper: Maduro
Strength: Medium
Country Of Origin: Nicaragua
Rolling Type: Hand Rolled
Box of 10

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