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Unsurprisingly, a company that manufactures cigars as large as General Cigar will produce a diverse range of products. Some are suitable for those who have been smoking cigars for many years and enjoy deep and strong flavors and complex tastes, while others are suitable for those who prefer something simpler, sweeter, or even flavored. As a result, we've come to discuss the Havana Honey Honey Cigarillos.

When it comes to General Cigar Company's offerings, Havana Honey Honey Cigarillos is on the lower end of the price spectrum. They're very affordable and ideal for those who smoke a lot of cigars at once or who don't like to smoke cigars that aren't flavored in some way.

Sweet Honey Havana Honey Cigarillos are flavored with a hint of sweet honey to satisfy the palate, as the name suggests. These cigarillos are made with a blend of tobaccos from Italy and the Dominican Republic, as well as an Indonesian wrapper, giving you a flavorful, albeit light, cigar that you can enjoy several of in a sitting without feeling like you've been smoking all day.


Shape: Cigarillo 
Ring: 30 
Size: 4" 
Strength: Mild 
Brand: Havana Honeys 
Flavor: Honey 
Line: Havana Honey 
Manufacturer: General Cigar 
Origin: Dominican Republic 
Wrapper Color: Sumatra 
Cigars Per Tin: 10

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